I always see people with regular (non PTT) Panameras looking to improve the look of their ride. They usually start with the cheapest accessory which is a rear spoiler. So I decided to write an article to help everyone get some scoop on the topic and find all options in one place.

Hofele Rivage Wing

Made for 4, S and 4S models. To me this is the most sexy looking wing. But you be the judge. Doesnt interfere with OEM wing. Its mounted around the OEM “S” and “4S” Wing. Once it retract – all becomes one big surface. Its molded around the OEM wing.


Vorsteiner V-PT Ducktail Spoiler


TechArt Rear Spoiler


 SpeedArt Spoiler


TopCar Stingray


Hamman Spoiler

JE Design Spoiler