For Panameras with “SPORT EXHAUST”, “Sport Chrono” options and “Turbo” models ONLY.

This mod will ONLY make you exhaust sound louder up to 2000 RPMs with stock mufflers. And its FREE. This only works on Turbo, GTS, models with Sport Chrono (PLUS) package and cars with SPORT Exhaust. But

Warning! Regualar V8 cars with Sport Exhaust muffler will suffer from loss of backpressure thus loosing Horsepower. It will make a deeper sound but you will loose HorsePower. Turbo models may actually gain a little since this valve is usually activated by the car computer when you switch to SPORT PLUS to help the exhaust flow better.

All you have to do is to


remove a vacuum tube out of an exhaust actuator to make the exhaust sound louder. Basically by removing the vacuum tube shown here, you are opening a new passage for the exhaust gases to escape. This flap opens up the inside exhaust pipes that Panamera uses when you switch the drive mode to SPORT Plus. It will make your Porsche sound a little deeper every time you accelerate.
The point of this thing is that its FREE and if you get tired of the drone, just go back and reconnect the vacuum tube.


NOTE: You dont have to disconnect both sides. All you have to do is just disconnect the driver side vacuum tube and both mufflers will open the flap.