Removing and installing rear spoiler

You can either take out entire spoiler drive assembly  or you can dissasemble it piece by piece on the car. I included both ways here:


Removal of the spoiler drive as one piece unit

Remove trim panel for tailgate.

  1. Extend the spoiler -1- .
  1. Switch off ignition and disconnect remote control.
  2. Affix adhesive tape -2- to protect the adjacent areas of the spoiler recess.
  3. Release wire harness.
4.1. Release plug connection -3- ( -a- ) and pull it off -B- .
4.2. Lever off retaining clip -4- for wire harness.
4.3. Disconnect the cable strap -5- and remove it from the lid.
  1. Unscrew fastening screws -6- .
  1. Screw off fastening nuts -7- .
  2. Swivel spoiler drive out towards the rear -arrow- and remove it.




 Removing rear spoiler trim 1


Electrically moved components

  • Danger of limbs being trapped or severed
  • Switch off electric power to drive motor.
  • Make sure it does not switch on again.
  • Check that there is no electric charge.
  1. Extend the spoiler.
  2. Switch off ignition and remove remote control.
  3. Unscrew and remove fastening screws -1- ( -A- ).
  1. Remove the spoiler to the rear -B- .



 Removing and installing rear spoiler trim 2 

Removing rear spoiler trim

  1. Heat the strips of adhesive tape on the rear spoiler trim -yellow markings- using the hot-air blower
  1. Detach the rear spoiler trim from the adhesive tape -yellow markings- using a suitable tool (e.g. spatula).
  2. Lift up the rear spoiler trim and remove it by pulling it backwards -arrow- .


Installing rear spoiler trim

  1. Heat and remove remaining adhesive tape using the hot-air blower, 
  1. Clean bonding surfaces with silicone remover.
  2. Pull off protective film on one side of the new strips of adhesive tape and stick adhesive tape onto the markings on the lower part of rear spoiler.


Make sure that the rear spoiler trim does not touch the upper strips of adhesive tape.

  1. Pull off protective film on strips of adhesive tape. Fit rear spoiler trim -arrow- and align it at the front cut-out.
  1. Press on rear spoiler trim at the front first -arrow A- . Then swivel the rear spoiler trim down and press it on at the top -arrow B- .


Removing and installing rear spoiler (wing)

Removing rear spoiler (wing)



Installation position of rear spoiler (wing)

  1. Switch on ignition and extend the rear spoiler until the rear spoiler (wing) is at its highest position.
  2. Switch off ignition and remove hand-held transmitter.
  3. Pull the two tab washers -1- off the axle -2- using a small screwdriver -arrow- .
  1. Screw M3 screw -1- into the axles -2- and pull out the axles -2- ( -arrow A- ).
  1. Remove rear spoiler (wing) -3- ( -arrows B- ).


Keep the wing in open position


   Pull plug connection off the spoiler drive (wing) -arrow- .

  1. Release plug connection -arrow a- and disconnect it -arrows B- .
  1. Remove spoiler drive (wing).
3.1. Mark installation position of spoilerdrive (wing) -3- with respect to the two spoiler drives -4- .
3.2. Unscrew fastening screws -1- on the spoiler drive -3- on both sides and remove retaining brackets -2- ( -arrow A- ).
3.3. Remove spoiler drive (wing) -3- ( -arrow B- ).