1. Fuel gauge location – its hard to see it.
  2. Valet key location – Actual key to the car (metal piece) is hidden in the fob – its very hard to take it out if you have a keychain hoop/ring.
  3. Soft cushion inserts Option – its a waste of money – they are not that soft.
  4. Rain sensor not sensitive enough
  5. Trunk opening button on the door – one press will not open it. You have to hold it all the way until it opens.
  6. Window tint scratches if you dont install a felt or moss skin on the inside
  7. Ciggarete lighter /power adapters should turn off with ignition. They all stay on all the time
  8. No push button start (even in 2014 models) – best solution is a “keyless option” that gives you a ignition installed keyfob that you have to turn.
  9. Retracting cup holders could have been designed better and the inbuilt holders should have more depth.
  10. Stronger atenea for key alarm
  11. Better navigation system – its too slow
  12. More options should be set as a standard – everything is an option
  13. Voice control is an option
  14. There is no spare tire – you only have a gunk and a compressor
  15. Unlock/Lock button should be on the door (2010-2013) models
  16. Antenna booster for Satellite radio – reception is terrible
  17. Frame on the small window blocks the blind spot warning indicator on the passenger side mirror
  18. Air suspension could be a little more more silent (when raising the car)
  19. Delayed throttle response – easily fixed with $300 Sprint Booster
  20. Feel and lack of quality on the indicator and windscreen wiper stalks
  21. The AC, cool air system is rather soft, it just doesnt have enough fan punch/power
  22. Non-flappy, flappy paddle shifter
  23. Alarm that seems to find joy in going off for no reason (interior sensor failure)
  24. Terrible wind noise from open sunroof
  25. The inability to close the rear hatch from the front seat
  26. Front end noise in winter
  27. Bad blind spot
  28. 14 way seats are not really that comfortable
  29. Since its a big car, rear view through the mirror makes you feel like you are driving a limo
  30. Without aftermarket exhaust – it will never sound that good

On the other note, Panamera has the best:

  1. Ventilated seats are awesome – they cool very fast and keep you cool
  2. Excellent handling
  3. Good Economy for a sports sedan
  4. If you fold the seats you have pretty big trunk
  5. Very specious interior – expecially the rear seat compared to BMW Grand coupe and other compatible cars
  6. Very fast in a Twin Turbo Configuration
  7. Very quiet cabin
  8. Very quiet exhaust
  9. Very soft and smooth when you drive it on the Highway (surprising for a sports car)