When it is cold and when you go over driveway entrance or speed bump, make sharp turns, does the car make awful creaking and clunking? When you make a sharp turn with the front wheels turn at full angle, the suspension sounds like it’s about to just fall out?

It seems that a lot of Porsche Panameras out there experience front end noises in cold weather climates. Even cars with 20K miles experienced same symptoms. Somehow original Porsche “bushings” are very weak and should be replaced with updated parts.

Yes, it is a common issue for a Panamera at every dealership and they are aware of these manufacturing defects. Usually dealers go through multiple trial and error steps (i.e., change the bushings, change the control arms, adjust the sway bar, etc), in order to nail down the issue or at least get it to be where it’s not as noticeable. Dealers usually try to brush off this problem and they tell you that its normal on these cars. DO NOT listen to their poor excuses. Make them change all the parts listed below.

What you must replace?

  • Complete front end retorqe including Sub-frame (every nut and bolt)
  • Upper control arms (both sides) – bushings crack – Part has been updated since 2010
  • Lower control arms (both sides) – bushings crack – Part has been updated since 2010
  • Front Sway bar bushings
  • Front sway bar end links
  • Full alignment

** Most likely if dealer will try to replace only some of these – your noise will still be there.

All your noises: creak/groan over speed bumps and a dull, hollow, clunk/thud when going over bumps at speed should be all gone now.

If dealer cant help you and doesnt want to replace these parts – just call PCNA (Porsche of North America)