PASM – orsche Active Suspension Management: this is an active damping system that offers multiple settings, adapting to both the driving style and the road conditions.

PCC – Porsche Car Connect: one of the newest systems on the company’s map, this is a smartphone app that offers statistics such as fuel efficiency data while also allowing you to remotely close the windows, for instance.

In addition, the feature includes the PVTS Porsche Vehicle Tracking System. This can help owners locate stolen vehicles in many parts of Europe. There’s also a PVTS Plus, which brings extra vehicle identification codes.

By the way, Porsche has been offering the PVTS vehicle location service for years. This comes as an accessory from Porsche Tequipment’s genuine accessory arm, covering vast portions of Europe and Russia.

PCCB – Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake: sampled in the 911 Turbo S pic above, this is Porsche’s carbon-ceramic braking system. Aside from the extra fading resistance, the special discs are 50 % lighter than similarly-sized standard rotors.

PCM – Porsche Communication Management: this infotainment interface currently offers both button and touch-screen control. In addition, Porsche’s Exclusive division will happily paint its surrounding trim in pretty much any hue you desire.

PDCC – Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control: one of the most enticing chassis features offered by Porsche, this includes active stabiliser bars. As a result, you can have extra comfort when you need it and superior handling when required.

PDK – Porsche Doppelkupplung: the company’s seven-ration double-clutch transmission nowadays features Launch Control and a Coasting function.

PDLS – Porsche Dynamic Light System: working with Bi-Xenon™ headlights, the feature offers dynamic cornering lights, as well as adjusting the lighting according to the vehicle speed and weather.

PDLS Plus LED: working with LED headlights, the system expands the capacities of the one described above. Thus, it offers a Dynamic high beam function that switches between high and low beam in order not to dazzle other drivers. On the Panamera and Macan, the system also includes Intersection Assistant. The latter works with the navigation systems to turn on the cornering lights when you come across crossings or junctions.

POSIP – Porsche Side Impact Protection System: the carmaker’s side airbag system.

PSM – Porsche Stability Management: this is ESP in Porsche language.

PTM – Porsche Traction Management: refers to the active all-wheel drive system, which obviously brings massive differences according to the model it is installed on.

PTV – Porsche Torque Vectoring: the system applies braking to the inner rear wheel while cornering, working together with a mechanical differential lock.

PTV Plus Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus: the application mentioned above, upgraded to join forces with an electronically-controlled mechanical rear locking differential.

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System: it’s as simple as that.

PTT – Panamera Twin Turbo

CPO – Certified pre-owned